VETINO Aesculap Pardubice


Reception & Waiting Area

Patient Rooms 1 & 2


Inpatient cages for patients who require intensive therapy and for our patients who are after surgery. Our hospitalization is very modern, and patients are constantly monitored by a hospitalization nurse or a doctor in charge. Infusion pumps and injection dispensers are available for accurate dosing of drugs and infusion solutions. We also have an oxygen box with a 98% oxygen concentration for our critical patients.

Operating Room

All surgical procedures are performed under inhalation anesthesia (the most gentle method of anesthesia – the gold standard), the patient is monitored during the procedure with a vital signs monitor. Strict principles of asepsis are observed in the operating room (asepsis means the measures and procedures preventing contamination of the sterile environment by microorganisms) – disposable sterile surgical sets (drapes and gowns), disinfection of the operating room after each procedure as well as daily use of a germicidal fluorescent lamp.

Our Equipment

Ultrasound My Lab Six VET
Our brand new, veterinary ultrasound with added cardiology imaging. With this device we can conduct both thoracic and abdominal ultrasounds on our patients.


Digital X-Ray
Our x-ray is fully digital so it allows us to measure bones, angles of bone deformities, volume, etc.


Biochemistry & Hematology Blood Analyzers